Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What a Shidduch....Rambam and Torquemada

Maimonides is a regular Torquemada when it comes to heresy...When you've got the wrong opinions you're dammed to hell forever.

Dr. Charles Manekin


AlanLaz said...

I took Chip Manekin's class at UMD, he's an interesting man.

Natan said...

Interesting is an understatement. I think there are an "elite" group of people that really get the man.

Greg said...

Doesn't Maimonides actually hold that you just cease to exist?

Where is this quote from?

Natan said...

It's really what you mean by Hell, Torquemada understands it to be a perpetual purgatory for Rambam he sees it as non-existance. Either way you're never going to Olam Haba/Heaven. For Torqumada hell is a physical place, but Rambam doesn't see Olam Haba as a physical place either - the best way to describe Hell for Ramabam is non-existance.

This quote came from an answer to a question regarding political heresy.