Monday, May 01, 2006

The Darfur Rally

If you weren't there, you missed out on something special. I've never been to another rally of this size so I can't compare it to (I was in Israel for the Spring 2002 rally, and my parents never took me to the Soviet Jewry rallies). I'm not going to take a guess on the number of people there, but whatever it was I think about half (if not more) were Jews. There was the expected Reform groups, a good showing from the Conservative crowd, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Orthodox there - Day Schools, YU, some Schules - it seemed like there was just a bunch of groups-without-name (friends and families) there together.

I was not able to stay the whole time, but I did get to hear Elie Wiesel speak - something I have not had the opportunity before.

These t-shirts were being sold by the SaveDarfur organizers. I cannot express how offended I was by these shirts, people with the audacity to wear them inside the Holocaust Museum too. When will people learn that it doesn't matter where your context comes from when trying to stop a genocide, be it the Holocaust, any of the numerous other genocides, or your humanity - it's all the same when it comes to the people of Darfur. They just want our help.

It should have read "While remembering one genocide, there's another that you can stop". I would have worn that.


bb said...

I think you're over-reacting about the shirts.

The message they're saying is "Instead of adding Darfur to the long list of Genocides we mourn, let's actually stop it before it is complete."

They're not saying "Stop mourning genocides".

Natan said...

I understand what you're saying but that's not what the t-shirt is saying.

The way the phrase is structured means: Don't do X, Y is better.

I know they're not saying "Stop mourning genocides" - they're saying that you're genocide isn't as important as mine.

Anonymous said...

"The Israel rally in the Spring of 2002 I was in Israel for" = "I think maybe my ability to construct coherent sentences in the English language was left behind."


Natan said...

Instead of becoming bilingual (or tri- I'm learning Arabic) I've lost the ability to speak either one coherently.