Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Back (with a few musings)

Well I'm back, I didn't go anywhere, I just needed a break from Blogging. It's a very weird thing not blogging - I'll have these thoughts: "Gee, that'd be a great topic to blog about" - but by not doing it I actually think I'm doing a disservice to myself.

As ADDeRabbi once said to me: blogging forces you to boil down your thoughts into a rational idea. Its rather therapeutic and since I've taken nearly two months off I've done myself a disservice.

I'm moving to Israel soon and we've got a lot to do still, no place to live yet, though that's hopefully coming soon. My wife is very nervous about things - she's very used to everything just working normal here in America and gets frustrated just from hearing stories about how inefficient banks are in Israel. Most people just laugh and say "Well that's Israel" - Naomi can't seem to do that - probably because she's never spent any serious time there.

I just finished reading Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat. What an eye opener. The book was fantastic - though I feel a little left out since I don't do computer programing or live and breathe Wall Street. I highly recommend people to read it.

Well that's it for now, I'll likely write a few more posts now that my job's done and I have some more free time during the day. So stay tuned.


Chammie said...

nate -- I didn't know you have a blog but i managed to find it somehow (isnt it amazing what people can do when they are utterly bored?) -- how are ya? good to see you those few weeks ago

Dovid said...

Nate man, chammie directed me here. We can hyperlink!

Natan said...

Good stuff. Chammie check my facebook account; I just started a blog for Naomi and I specifically about our trip to Israel.