Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hasidic Police Officer Joel Witriol

I'm sure many of you have heard that NYPD graduated its first Hasidic Police Officer, Joel Witriol, this past month. I, like many of you, read about it - said "cool" - and moved on to more important stories than your run-of-the-mill human interest story. That was until New Years Eve.

As my sister and I were traveling to a concert at Radio City Music Hall (great place to see a show), we got off the C line at 50th and 8th Ave. It turns out that 50th was blocked off and the Police there told us to walk to 52nd and cross. At 51st we over heard the Officer telling people that only those with tickets could cross. I didn't know what tickets they wanted, but we had two so I flashed them and through the barricade we went - crossing 5 more until we came to 6th Ave.

As we crossed the barricade I noticed that the Police Officer standing next to me had peot tucked behind his ears. I glanced quickly to see the name tag and it read "Witriol". I told Bethany (my sister) to wait a minute as I got inline to speak to him. Finally my time came.

He noticed my kippah, but didn't mention anything. I asked him if he had just graduated - he responded yes - then I said "You're the one that I read about in the papers?" "Yes". "Awesome, great job." To which he said "Thanks". And I walked away.

I really should have mentioned how great of a Kiddush Hashem he was doing and that despite the fact that many people disaprove of his profession there are those of us frum yidden who care. I didn't know at the time that it was his first duty assignment either - he looked spiffy in his brand new Police uniform and (blue PO) hat.

Joel, wherever you are, sh'koyach and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Good job Joel! Am Yisroel is proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Apparently he's a misogynistic prick and corrupt cop. Check out what he did to this lady:

Considering who she is, he's is for a lot of trouble, if not losing his job.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"keep up the good work."?????

He is a total prick!!

Anonymous said...

critic is part of every good deed.

Anonymous said...

Hasidic men have been known to be derogertory towards women and to be major perverts. My friends in the police force always tells me of stories of Hasidic men busted in prostitution raids. They do not have much respect towards the opposite sex. They also tend to scream anti-semitism whenever they don't get what they want or to get out of trouble.
At my workplace, the Hasidics (and some non-Hasidic Jews) are not the most humble of people, even though I thought their religion tells them to be. They tend to be very demanding and condescending.
Considering all the abuse and injustice that has happened to the Jewish people, one would think they would stand for human rights.
I'm sure not all Hasidic men are like Officer Witriol, but I have not met one yet.

Anonymous said...

this man should never be in a place of control of power

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that this Police Officer is a Pride and Glory of NYPD. While some other PO's turn their backs to people violating the law, trying to avoid a possible CCRB investigation, this man of honor stood up for the people of New York and all NYPD, by enforcing the laws of our great city. Any somewhat educated individual regardless of sex, race or religion, when stopped by police officer in uniform would know to show some respect in conversation, and comply with all lawful orders given.However, this was not the case.Not only this lady refused to provide her identification when asked to do so, she also made a big scene while screaming, flaring her hands and again refusing to comply with officer's requests to calm down.Obviously we were not there to see and hear it all, but if it was up to me, there would be no summons nor arrest, but a straight jacket and a free ride to the nearest psychiatric facility. Only in New York you can insult and disrespect a Police Officer and get away with it.