Thursday, June 15, 2006


Shlomo Katz has released his latest CD Vehakohanim and I cannot illustrate how amazing this album is. I've been a fan of his (and his brother Eitan) for a while now since their duet album came out a few years ago.

In Vehakohanim, Shlomo creates a great Jewish album. If you've read this blog before you'll notice that I love music. I've been to hundreds of concerts and own hundreds of CDs on top of thousands of live shows. Jewish music as a whole does not even attempt to produce itself in the way the secular world does. Blue Fringe among others have tried to force Jewish music to move past that state. Shlomo Katz does it, and does it well.

The entire album is beautifully done, the arrangements are outstanding, the band is great too. My favorite song has to be Yismechu, which should become a staple zemer for shabbos. I had the opportunity to sing this song with Shlomo at a seudat shlishit this passed summer and the song spoke to me then and I still remember that event like it was yesterday.

So, I highly recommend that you all buy the album. You will undoubtedly be as pleased as I am.

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