Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nach Yomi

I will be (i"yh and b"n) starting the Nach Yomi project on March 30th. I do not know who Rav Avraham Norin is, but his idea is a great one. I have many issues with Daf Yomi one of them being the retention rate in your average hour-long shiur. Daf Yomi, while a great way for not-often-studied Masechtot like Zevachim to get learned once in a while and for serious scholars to review their knowledge; for most people in the shiurim the time could be better spent. The TaNaKh is the source of our history and the TaNaKh knowledge among Jews is disgusting, a Nach Yomi cycle would positively affect the community at large more than the Daf Yomi cycle is.

I hope that I am able to complete this and I hope even more so that Nach Yomi is successful.

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