Friday, February 24, 2006

TaNaKh and Our World

Chana at CuriousJew has a new post entitled Judaism, the Bible and our World: Part II which is rather interesting. Its a long post about the influence the TaNaKh has on our cultural lives, movies, books, etc. It'd be a decent seminar for a High School.

I particularly like the reference to
Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas and how it relates to 2 Samuel Chapter 11. That parallel is something that I brought up to my 7th grade class while teaching Shmuel Bet to them. It worked well for 7th grade girls - it works well for us older folks.

I am constantly amazed how much people know about stories in TaNaKh but don't actually know that they know them. In my teaching experience I've come across "Wow, that story (referring to David and Batsheva) comes from the Bible?" or other similar quotes dealing with David and Goliath (take your pick, there are lots of great stories there, NaKh especially).

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