Friday, February 17, 2006

Seforim Sale

I went to the YU Seforim Sale last night. I'm a book nerd, I love them, I spend too much money on them; if it weren't for some friends that wanted to leave (it was their 2nd trip this year) I would have spent all night browsing.

This is what I picked up:
  • Netivot Shalom al ha-Torah
  • Gray Matter by R' Chaim Jachter (published by Yashar books - looks really good)
  • Minchat Chinuch
  • Rav Hirsch Chumash (I love Rav Hirsch and this is the cheapest place to get him)
  • Two Gemaras - Sukkah and Sanhedrin (of couse I already own a copy of each but I purchased the Oz V'Hadar printing which is beautiful)
  • The Katz Hagadah - The beautiful one that could have been published by Disney. I've been meaning to pick this up for a while.
  • Biglal Avos by Shlomo and Eitan Katz CD - this one is excellent, I highly recommend it (besides the fact that I went to Yeshiva with Shlomo, he's got a new one coming out soon).
I also picked up a lot of stuff for some friends
  • Nechama Leibowitz on Torah
  • Midrash Rabbah
  • Chanukat HaTorah by Rav Avraham Yehoshua Heschel (A.J. Heschel's namesake)
  • A bunch of english Halacha books
I'm curious what the cashier thought when I came to check out with all these goodies. It was nothing compared to last year when a group of us spent over $3000 there.

PS: I saw a different printing of the Iggoros Moshe than I'm used to. I couldn't tell if it was the new printing that I've heard about so I didn't get it. Not that I had room in the car.


Anonymous said...

I was just at the YU sale (yesterday) and there wasn't any great deals 90% of the seforim I was able to get cheaper at some brooklyn Seforim stores. (Moznaim Etc.)

Natan said...

It's not always the prices that make the YU Seforim Sale attractive to me. Its the selection.

Also, I don't live in the NY area so I once a year make the trip to YU and spend a lot of money. Well, it's been two years in a row...guess I should take a break next year so I don't make a Chazakah.