Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chazal's Wisdom

In this post: Could Shlomo Hamelech have invented cars? there's a discussion about Chazal's wisdom over choosing not to invent certain products. There is, apparently, an idea that Chaza"l had the ability to invent modern technology but chose not to due to their knowledge about the less-than-desirable consequences. ADDeRabbi commenting on this and Bluke (the blogger) both correctly point out that it is absurd.
the ethical implications of a Melech Yisrael' who knew of but didn't make use of antibiotics are astounding
What needs to be stressed is that if this idea is taken to its logical conclusion, this Rebbe is saying by implication that Chaza"l is intelligent but no more able to prevent the side effects than anyone else. It is an affirmation of Chazal's intelligence, but it, by implication, denies Chazal the ability to teach the world how to make moral and ethical choices. We love Chaza"l for their wisdom; we follow their decisions because they were the wisest of the sages. If these ever so wise sages are able to know about nuclear science but unable to teach the world how to deal with this knowledge; is this not a disgraceful statement towards Chaza"l?

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